Our Custom Design Process

Experience the Art of Crafting Fine Jewelry!

 With a commitment to quality and an exceptional proficiency in the art of fine jewelry-making, we ensure that each of our pieces make you not just look good, but also feel fabulous when worn.

Our capabilities in crafting exquisite jewelry pieces are boundless - from conception to creation, if you can dream it, we can design it. The trickiest part is choosing what you would like us to create!

We can furnish all necessary materials such as a wide array of beautiful diamonds, gemstones and premium metals. Alternatively, we can transform existing pieces you already possess into something uniquely yours.


Ready to get started?

Your journey to custom-designed jewelry starts with a personalized consultation with Jon, our designer and master jeweler. This exciting conversation revolves around your unique jewelry ideas and the exploration of numerous possible design options. To ensure a dedicated and uninterrupted discussion, it is recommended to schedule an appointment.


Once the design has been finalized, a three-dimensional print of the concept is created. During your next scheduled visit, you can examine this physical representation of your unique idea. This encourages a tactile interaction with the prototype, providing an opportunity to request any alterations, fine-tuning, or adjustments to ensure your piece is nothing short of perfect.       


Upon your approval of the three-dimensional print, the process of crafting your unique piece commences. Utilizing the expanse of our in-store studio, your envisioned design is meticulously brought to life by our dedicated master jeweler, Jon, until it reaches completion. Your dream design thus metamorphoses into a tangible masterpiece. 


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